This website provides additional information to LaTeX Graphics with TikZ, written and published at Packt Publishing.

LaTeX TikZ book cover

You can run all code examples on this website with the integrated online compiler. You can edit the code, try something out, compile it, and see the output PDF in the browser. No own local LaTeX installation is needed. You can browse the code in the book contents by chapter. Also, see the menu at the top left, and have a look at the reviews. Apart from code, this website will be a future way to post improvements, errata, new recommendations, and updates. The complete code is available on GitHub for browsing, for download as zip file and for Opening everything in a single project on Overleaf.

Please rate (and possibly review) the book on Amazon if you got it there, your feedback means much to me and helps to get an extended second edition!

I’m also happy to get email feedback, you can reach me at: stefan@latex.org

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About the author

The author Stefan Kottwitz studied mathematics in Jena and Hamburg. He works as a network and IT security engineer for Lufthansa Industry Solutions. For many years, he has been providing LaTeX support on online forums. He maintains the web forums LaTeX.org and goLaTeX.de and the Q&A sites TeXwelt.de and TeXnique.fr. He runs the TeX graphics gallery sites TikZ.net, TeXample.net and PGFplots.net, the TeXdoc.org service and CTAN LaTeX software mirrors. He is a moderator of the TeX Stack Exchange site and on matheplanet.com. He publishes ideas and news from the TeX world on his blogs LaTeX.net and TeX.co. He also authored the LaTeX Cookbook in 2015 and the LaTeX Beginner’s Guide, Second Edition, in 2021.

If you need any help regarding LaTeX, the Beginner’s Guide, or this website, you can post your question or query on LaTeX.org where the author reads and answers. This website is supported by DANTE e.V., the German-speaking TeX user group. See more in the LaTeX Network.